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For the past 12 years, Sathya & Liliana have travelled over 40 countries to share their love for Yoga, mantra & meditation. Their intention is to create sacred space through their many events and inspire a new humanity, a heart-centered way of living life, as an expression of our divinity.

Through their many retreats, kirtans, trainings & festival they have touched and  inspired thousands of modern Yogis to dive deeper into Chanting, Yoga & Meditation as a path of life and a practise towards spiritual awakening.

Besides their popular Yoga Teacher Trainings on Bali, they share Retreats and Immersions and their Festival has become legendary in Germany and is booked out usually months in advance.

About Liliana


Liliana grew up within a devotional and musical family in Colombia, South America, her Brother is a yoga teacher too, and from very early she was drawn to spiritual practices and as well to devotional singing - Bhakti - , so she joined the gospels group during all her school years :)

Liliana’s classes are filled with great devotion, humour, joy, feeling and years of experience. She has trained close to 500 Yoga teachers and taught thousands of classes in over 30 countries over the past 12 years. 

She also co-founded the Bhakti Yoga Summer Festivals with her husband, one of Europe’s most popular Yoga gatherings, celebrating their 15th festival in 2020. 

Always being a student, she is committed to enrol in trainings herself every year from Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama & Meditation, Mindfulness, Life coaching, Detox and Fasting programs, Nutrition, Mindset trainings and Women Healing Therapies, she is passionate about work with women and hosts annually the ‘Secret of the Devis‘ retreats together with her Yogini Daughter Selene (

Over a thousand Yogis attend her annual events from trainings, retreats and festivals to workshops and one on one sessions. 

Liliana’s passion for Yoga and the search for the roots of it, let her move to India where she lived for 5 years and has been traveling every year back to, spending regularly time in ashrams next to her spiritual teacher. In India she met her husband and found her life purpose. For over 14 years, she has had a daily sadhana (spiritual practice) of mantra, meditation and pranayama and asana she devotes her mornings to. 

Liliana is a registered 500 E-RYT Yoga Teacher, a Mother and Mentor to many Yoga teachers & students. Her passion for Yoga is contagious and her classes leave you empowered, inspired, reconnected to your heart and joyful.

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About Sathya


Sathya has been raised by 2 Yogi parents who shared great love and respect for eastern philosophy and yogic traditions. He started meditation, Yoga and chanting at an early age.

Specially his father loved India and its ancient wisdom tradition. Sathya travelled to India annually for the past 20 years, studied and lived with great Yogis and reknowned spiritual teachers. Most of his twenties were spent in ashrams in India, where he also did his first Yoga teacher training, 18 years ago. 

In 2005, he spend 1 full year in retreat - devoting all day to hours of meditation, pranayama, chanting and Yoga in an indian ashram. He actually extended to a total of 15 months. 

He’s trained well over 1000h+ in Yoga and Yoga philosophy and has trained hundreds of teachers. Sathya travelled over 40 countries in the last 15 years, sharing kirtan, spiritual retreats and Yoga teacher trainings as well as founding one of Europe’s most popular Yoga music festivals, celebrating the 15th festival in 2020 ! 

Besides being a passionate Meditator since 30 years, he loves sharing kirtan, composes and produces his own music that can be enjoyed on ‘ music ‘ on this website. He started offering Kirtan Camps since 2009 to ignite the passion for chanting and kirtan.

He’s also a member of Robin Sharma’s Personal Mastery Academy and a trained coach, as well as a 500h RYS Yoga Instructor. Sathya’s parents had a little library in the house with great books on Yoga and Yoga philosophy that he used to read in this teens and he felt most drawn to Paramahansa Yogananda and has been initiated into the Kriya Yoga Tradition, a powerful practise of meditation, breathing and a few Yoga poses (asana). 

What he feels he learned most lies in the power of an open, loving heart, a clear mind and great tools from the yogic tradition to ignite transformation. He’s passionate to empower others who join his trainings and retreats.

Together with his wife, they build a beautiful foundation that serves and inspires thousands of participants annually to experience Yoga, Mantra and Meditation as a tool for spiritual awakening and self empowerment.

Sathya s first book ‘ happiness sutras - what i learned from travelling the world for 20 years ‘ will be launched on their 2020 festival next summer.

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