Who We Are

For the past 12 years, Sathya & Liliana have travelled over 40 countries to share their love for Yoga, Mantra & Meditation. Their intention is to create sacred space through their many events and inspire a new humanity, a heart-centered way of living life, as an expression of our divinity.

Over a thousand yogis join their inspiring events annually. On this site you ll find out about their trainings. To join their retreats and special events subscribe to their inner circle in the newsletter. There are many more highlights such as weekend retreats, early bird festival tickets, etc. that can only be accessed by invitation that you recieve via email.


Through their many retreats,trainings & festival, SATHYA & LILIANA have touched and inspired thousands of modern Yogis to dive deeper into Chanting, Yoga & Meditation as a path of life and a practise towards spiritual awakening.