Training with Liliana and Sathya has changed my life. I came and wanted a challenge. I went and was more with me than ever. It was not just Liliana's yoga classes and inspiring inspiring lectures by international guest teachers that were inspiring and full of high vibes. But also what one gets through Lilianas, Sathya and Selene's loving presence makes a softer and makes us all grow closer together. The two do their work with incredible love and dedication. I felt incredibly well cared for. Not only did I learn yoga, but I am spiritually a few steps further and a few shifts lighter. Bhakti yoga has made me gentle, calm and satisfied, qualities that I pass on to my yogis today. I can only say again: "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- Katinka, Hamburg


I was lucky enough to experience 3 wonderful weeks in Bali, yoga. Imagine you are in one of your happiest moments, feeling a slight dizziness of that bliss and full of energy and vitality. You are completely with you. Sathya and Liliana are a wonderful couple full of love who have made yoga a holistic education at a high level. You learn to understand yoga as a path that leads you to the full potential of your abilities and supports you steadily in your life. The time has been invaluable to me, and I put it to everyone and into my heart to experience this experience for themselves. Thank you very much!



I think about these two and the time in Bali every single day. Sathya & Liliana have enriched my life so much. The journey with them into my inner self, the yoga practice, the chanting and making music, the many beautiful unforgettable hours that we were able to experience together in the Bhakti family, where friendships for life have arisen, is a journey into the heart, where they also stays forever. I do not want to miss this beautiful experience! Thanks for you!

-Tatjana, Vienna / Co-Founder: https://www.home-of-beauty-natural.at


Time of my life! Training as a Yoga Teacher was my dream, but never would I have dreamed such an intense and beautiful time. The training with Liliana and Sathya is: the pure bliss. I would do it again anytime. Not only because the two are such magical and wonderful people, with tons of love in their hearts, but also because the quality of training is the absolute hammer. They go to a lot of trouble in every way..

Among other things, we were allowed to learn from some trendy yoga/guest teachers and let us be inspired. In addition, I got to know myself a new way and came a bit closer to "the higher version of myself". This education opens your heart! It's definitely the best thing that ever happened to me.!

Liliana and Sathya's personality, her charm, her humor, her empathetic gift for interacting with people make this training something very special. You immediately feel their warmth and love and feel comfortable in their vicinity. I miss you very much and am forever grateful that you have given me this magical time!



There is nothing better than THIS training in Bali with Liliana and Sathya - everything goes straight to your heart and stays there forever. I would never want to miss these experiences, the great people, the hours spent together with a lot of laughter and many tears - they give confidence in their own way of life, their own yoga practice and in the world.

-Tammy, Munich


'It was an unforgettable time, I have learned so much, learned and taken away. You are very wonderful teacher, with a lot of feeling and warmth of heart. It was very enriching and I could take something very valuable for my life through your education. With you one can feel comfortable, understood and above all there are answers to everything. I think you are so rich in experience and give it to all students in a loving but demanding way, a perfect preparation for the practice. I'm very grateful to have met you as a teacher and people and I wish you that you can charm many more people with your passion. '

Thank you from the heart.



A huge THANK YOU from the bottom of your heart, dear Liliana & Sathya for a very special and wonderful yoga education in Ibiza and India. In addition to the classical teachings of asanas, yoga philosophy, anatomy, and especially the wonderful and healing art of kirtans, I found your YTT to be a true education of the heart and soul. The things that many a yoga teacher laboriously try to teach ", you convey both wonderful yogis through your being, your doing, your togetherness. What others are talking about, she just lives! It was and is a great pleasure to experience you, to learn from you and to get to know you, to philosophize with you and last but not least... to laugh with you!



Beautiful, special and heart opening. These are the words that describe the Yoga Teacher Training with Liliana and Sathya. The word 'training' however does not do the experience justice. These two special souls do not train you to become something. Through their love and Bhakti and their method of communicating their experience and wisdom, you start to flourish, you blossom. It's all inside you '.

I am eternally grateful for both my teachers and them, and the experience they afford me, in my heart always.

-Jasmine, Austria


It was magic! Between doubts, whether I am already ready for an apprenticeship and remorse for not seeing my daughter for 3 weeks my intuition prevailed and I flew. It was a wonderful time with wonderful teachers and guest teachers. It was valuable for all areas of my life, I found my way, I learned to let go and I took the courage to finally take the step into a new life! What can I say…. just go with the flow!

-Patricia, Sonthofen


The training was beautiful and unique for me. I found my self-love, my body-feeling, my inner voice again. Thanks to Liliana and Sathya for the loving kind they have. They teach with heart and soul and that's absolutely arrived with me. I would do the training again with them.

-Anita, Salzburg


I also let myself be guided by my intuition and I'm so glad that I've trusted it so often. I felt so safe and secure from the first moment. You live for me pure Bhakti and being part of it makes me incredibly thankful! Learning with and from you was and is a tremendous asset and you have taken away my fears. You pass on your knowledge easily and gently without pressure and with much joy. I hope our common way is not over yet.



With much love and dedication, Liliana and Sathya shape the training, which is a successful mix of theory and practice and so optimally prepared for the later "teach yoga". For me the best decision! THANK YOU again to the two!

-Anne, Stuttgart


The education is designed with a lot of love and variety. The time in Bali was unforgettable ... full of transformation. I am very grateful that my way led to Liliana and Sathya.

-Liz, Landau